What Our Patients Have To Say

Dr. Polenz has a gift and he really tunes into people with vitality and joy! His energy and joy magnetizes the kind of attunement needed to get people to become aware of their body and what it is trying to say to them. I have learned a lot in a short time from him. My body is shifting in a fast rapid approach to total health.
— Annapurna
Dr. Steve really is excellent at what he does - very intuitive and skilled in dealing with the layers involved in healing. He’s helped me greatly with lyme, inflammation and detox issues.
— Nadine
Love Dr Steve!!! He is so good at what he does
— Wendy
Been seeing Dr Steve for years. Recommend him to anyone that has been having any issues or not to maintain high energy and a healthy body/mind.
— Ryan
Dr. Steve is a true and genuine healer. I feel fortunate to have found him and his clinic. It was amazing to me, but I felt better from my very first treatment with him. I made an appointment to see Dr. Steve to address lower back pain that other treatment providers were unable to resolve. I did not want to take pills, painkillers or have surgery to address my back issues. After just a couple of treatments with Dr. Steve the back pain was completely gone ... and more importantly has not returned. To my pleasant surprise, Dr. Steve was also able to uncover several other health and wellness issues that he addressed as part of his obvious commitment to provide very complete service to his patients. I have no reservations about providing the highest recommendation to Dr. Steve and his wonderful clinic.
— Larry
I went here yesterday as a first time patient with extreme back pain. I was not able to move much for 3 days and I was not sure what to expect with the korean specific technique- but I was willing to try. He was right, the adjustment was not what I was accustomed to- and I have to admit I wasn’t sure this was going to work. I felt some relief right after but I was on pain meds so couldn’t really feel everything. Later that night, I couldn’t believe that I was able to bend down and even twist without pain. It wasn’t until the morning and I was moving and bending and was able to function all day without pain meds. Seriously, I wouldn’t have believed it if you told me this would happen. He’s amazing. Go see for yourself.
— CC

Written patient reviews via Yelp